New Delhi (India)-Ankan Art Drawing Biennial


At the Ankan Art Drawing Biennial, held in New Delhi, my work was awarded a special prize by the jury.

Subotica-Single wall exhibition


In the organization of the Buza Picture Framing Workshop, I exhibited my ink drawings. This exhibition was part of series of the exhibitions entitled ,,Single Wall Exhibition,, The exhibition was opened by art historian Nela Tonković

Budapest(Hungary)-Cartoon competition


Participation in the cartoon competition in Budapest

Backa Topola-Hungarian Paintings in Vojvodina- 2018


On the occasion of the Hungarian Paintings in Vojvodina 2018, there was exhibition in the gallery in B. Topola, in which I participated with one work

Skoplje(Macedonia)-OSTEN Biennial of Drawing


Participation in the drawing biennial in Skoplje

Velika Plana(Serbia)-The 25th Autumn Salon


I participated in the exhibition of the 25th Autumn Salon with one work. The exhibition was opened in the gallery of the Masuka Cultural Center in Velika Plana.

Subotica -Exhibition of the Subotica Red Cross Art Colony


The exhibition of the Red Cross artists Colony of Subotica has opened in the gallery of the Otvoreni Univerzitet of Subotica .The exhibition was attended by the artists from Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.I participated in the exhibition with two of my works.

Timisoara(Romania)- BIAMT- The International Biennial of Miniature Art Timisoara 2018


I participated in the International Miniature Biennial in Timisoara with three watercolors. All three works went trough the selection and were exhibited.

The Artists Colony Natura in Mako(Hungary)


From 1 to 20 August I took the part in the work of the Natura Artists Colony in Makó.

Kaposvár(Hungary)-10th International Grotesque Exhibition


I participated in the 10th International Grotesque Exhibition in Kaposvár with two works.

The 9+1 Artists Colony in Stara Moravica


Between May 25 and 30, I participated in the work of  the 9+1 Artists Colony in Stara Moravica.

Tartu(Estonia)-Tartu Printing Museum competition


I participated in the international graphic competition of the Tartu Printing Museum with three linocuts. One of my graphic received the special prize of the jury.

Bakar(Croatia)-Rijeka Mini Art


At the Paulić Gallery in Bakar has opened the exhibition of works, donated to the Mini Art of Rijeka.

Makó (Hungary)-,,Sides from the diary,, exhibition presenting the last ten years of the Natura Artists` Colony in Makó


In the Hagymaház Gallery in Makó is opened an exhibition entitled ,,Sides from the diary,,. The exhibition presents the last ten years of the Natura Artists` Colony. A selection of works by the artists participating in the last ten years was exhibited at the exhibition.

Subotica- Hungarian Painting in Vojvodina 2017


Participation in the exhibition of the Hungarian Painting in Vojvodina. The paintings were exhibited in the gallery of the Otvoreni Univerzitet in Subotica. The exhibition was opened by Áron Sutus and Mile Tasić

Hatvan ( Hungary)- II Small Graphic Exhibition


 Participation in the II Hatvan Small Graphic Exhibition 

Rijeka(Croatia)-I.Mini Art Rijeka


Participation at the I.Mini Art exhibition in Rijeka, Croatia.

Szeged(Hungary)-Exhibition,,Order and Chaos,,


Participation at the exhibition ,,Order and Chaos,, in Szeged, Hungary.

Lodz(Poland)-16.Small Graphic Forms


Participation at the exhibition of 16. Small Graphic Forms in Lodz.

Belgrade(Serbia)-V. Watercolour Biennial of Small Format


Participation at the V. Watercolour Biennial of Small Format in Belgrade.

Hatvan(Hungary)-I.Exhibition of Small Graphics


Participation at the I.Exhibition of Small Graphics in Hatvan.

Zrenjanin(Serbia)-Exhibition of format 30x30


Participation at the exhibition of 30x30 formats in Zrenjanin.

Bačka Topola(Serbia)-Hungarian Art in Vojvodina 2016


Participation at the exhibition of Hungarian art in Vojvodina in Bačka Topola.

Temisoara(Romania)- II.BIAMT International Biennial of Miniature Arts Temisoara


Participation at the II. International Biennial of Miniature Arst in Temisoara, Romania.

Skoplje(Macedonia)-OSTEN Biennial for Drawing 2016


Participation at the international drawing competition in Skoplje, Macedonia.

Gliwice(Poland)-11.International Graphic Competition for Ex Libris


Participation at the 11.International Graphic Competition for Ex Libris in Gliwice in Poland

Pančevo(Serbia)-VI. International Ex Libris Competition ,,Borders,,


Participation at the VI. International Ex Libris Competition in Pančevo.

Dunajská Streda(Slovakia)-ERATO VII


Participation at the exhibition ERATO VII in Dunajská Streda in Slovakia.

Makó(Hungary)-9th Exhibition of Natura Art Colony


In Mako has opened the 9th exhibition of members of Natura Art Colony.

Alijó(Portugal)-Global Print 2015


In Alijó has opened the international print exhibition Global Print 2015.

Komarno(Slovakia)- ,,Over two borders,,-exhibition of Hungarian atrists from Vojvodina


In Komarno has opened exhibition of hungarian artists from Vojvodina

Zaprešić(Croatia) -18th International Miniature Exhibition


I participated with my works in Zaprešić in 18th International Miniature exhibition.

Dobrovnik(Slovenia)-Exhibition of Art Colony VINO ART


In Dobrovnik has opened the exhibition of the members of art colony VINO ART

Kaposvár(Hungary)- 9th International Grotesc Triennal


In Kaposvar has opened the 9th Grotesc Triennal.

Skopje(Macedonia)-46.World Gallery of Cartoon


In Skopje has opened the 46.World Gallery of Cartoon

Budapest(Hungary)-,,Here and now,,- National Salon 2015


In Budapest has opened exhibition ,,Here and now,, National Salon 2015.

Belgrade-4th Biennial of Watercolor(small format)


Participation on 4th.Watercolor Biennial in Belgrade which has opened at 17th april.

Budapest(Hungary)- Exhibition of Art Colony Natura Mako in Art IX-XI Gallery


In Budapest in ART Gallery IX-XI has opened the exhibition of the members of Makó Natura Art Colony.

Sremska Mitrovica-30x30


In Sremska Mitrovica is opened the group exhibition of 30x30cm works

Subotica(Serbia)-Exhibition of Art Colony CRO ART


In Subotica has opened the exhibition of International Art Colony CRO ART.

Zrenjanin(Serbia)- 30x30 format exhibition


Participation on the exhibition of format 30x30cm in Zrenjanin.

Čačak(Serbia) -2nd International Printmaking Biennial


Participation on the 2nd International Printmaking Biennial in Čačak

Győr(Hungary)-Exhibition ,,Madach 150,,


Participation on the exhibition ,, Madach 150,, in Győr(Hungary) in Romer Floris Museum.

Plzen (Czech Republic) - 9th International Drawing Biennial 2014


Participation on the 9th International Drawing Biennial in Plzen

Foz Coa City(Portugal)- 7th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro 2014


Participation on the 7th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro 2014 in Foz Coa City Museum.

Ville-Marie(Quebec,Canada)-International Miniature Art Biennial 2014


Participation on the International Miniature Art Biennial in Ville-Marie(Quebec)

12th International Biennial of Miniature Art-Gornji Milanovac(Serbia)


Participation on the International Biennial of Miniature Art in Gornji Milanovac (Serbia).

II.International Salon of Graphics-Kraljevo(Serbia)


Participation on the II International Salon of Graphics in Kraljevo(Serbia).

Covasna(Romania)- group exhibition in the City gallery


Participation on the group exhibition in Covasna (Romania) in City Gallery.

Zrenjanin(Serbia)-Exhibition of format 30x30


Participation on the Exhibition of format 30x30cm in Zrenjanin.

Niš(Serbia)-Drawing Exhibition 2013


Participation on the Niš Drawing Exhibition 2013.

10th The ,,Iosif Iser,,International Contemporary Engraving Biennial- Ploesti(Romania)


Participation on the 10th the ,, Iosif Iser.. International Contemporary Engraving Biennial in Ploesti (Romania).

Printmaking exhibition of artist colony Senta


Printmaking exhibition in gallery of Municipial Museum in Senta. Serbian Drawing Biennial-Pančevo


Participation on the Serbian Drawing Biennial in Pančevo(Serbia).

,,Wine and grape,,International Ex Libris Competition-Sremski Karlovci(Serbia)


Participation on the,,Wine and grape ,, Ex Libris competition in Sremski Karlovci(Serbia).

Global Print 2013 Alijó(Portugal)


Participation on the Global Print 2013 exhibition in Alijó, Portugal.

Šabac(Serbia)-XXIIth Exhibition of Small Format


Participation on the XXII th Exhibition of Small Format in Šabac International Ex Libris Competition of Fu Xian Zhi -Shanghai (China)


Participation on the International Ex Libris Competition of Fu Xian Zhi in Shanghai (China).

Exhibition in Vienna(Austria)


Solo exhibition in Steiner gallery in Vienna(Austria) from 24.06.-20.07.2013.

The 3rd Watercolor Biennial in Belgrade(Serbia)


Participation on the 3rd Watercolor Biennial in Belgrade(Serbia) and in Prijedor(Bosnia).

Water-Mark - International Biennial in Baja(Hungary)


Participation on the Water-Mark International Biennial in Baja (Hungary).

60 year of Artists Colony in Senta


Participation on the collective exhibition in Municipal Museum in Senta

30 years of Graphic workshop of Likovni Susret Modern Gallery


Collective exhibition in the Likovni Susret Modern Gallery

Exhibition of Artists colony ,,Natura,, in Mako(Hungary)


Exhibition of artists of Artist colony in Mako(Hungary)

International Ex Libris Exhibition in Debrecen(Hungary)


Participation on the International Ex Libris competition in Debrecen(Hungary)

Gornji Milanovac(Serbia)-11th International Biennial of Miniature Art


Participation on the 11th. International Biennial of Miniature Art in Gornji Milanovac(Serbia).

Subotica(Serbia)- Exhibition of small format paintings


Participation on the exhibition of the  International small format paintings in Subotica(Serbia)

Ploesti(Romania)-The Iosif Iser International Contemporary Engraving Biennial Exhibition


Participation on the Iosif Iser International Contemporary Engraving Bienniel in Ploesti (Romania).

Novi Sad -Bonaventurianum-Exhibition St. Francis and the Canticle of the Sun


Exhibition in Novi Sad (Serbia) .Title of the exhibition is  St. Francis and the Canticle of the Sun

Printmaking exhibition of artist colony Senta


28.10.2011.-Printmaking exhibition of the works, made in artist colony in Senta, in the gallery of the Municipal Museum

II Biennal of Contemporary Hungarian artists of Vojvodina


19.10.2011.-Participation in the II Biennal of Contemporary Hungarian Artists of Vojvodina in Subotica.

Istanbul (Turkey) IVth International Printmaking exhibition


Participation on the IVth International Printmaking exhibition in Istanbul(Turkey) from 4.-15.10.2011.

IV. ,,Natura,, Art colony Mako (Hungary)


Participation in the IV. ,,Natura,, Art Colony in Makó (Hungary) from 01.08.2011 - 20.08.2011.

International Ex Libris Exhibition in Tarragona (Spain)


2011-Participation in Ex Libris Exhibition in Tarragona (Spain)

Bánffy Center -Lendava(Slovenia)


Collective exhibition of graphic artists in Banffy Center in Lendava (Slovenia)

Artist colony in Feketić(Serbia)


Mirko was member the artist colony in Feketić from 26.-30. 06.2011.

Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2011


Participation on the 10th World Art Print Annual competition in Sofia(Bulgaria)

Cluj(Romania) International Ex Libris Exhibition


Participation in International Ex Libris exhibition in Cluj(Romania) from 8.-18. 06.2011.

Signs and images-Covasna(Romania)


Exhibition in Covasna(Romania) from 15.04-15.08.2011

38th World Gallery of Art on Paper OSTEN


Participation on the 38th World Gallery of Art on Paper OSTEN - Drawings 2010, in Skopje (Macedonia)

International Painting &Mixed Media Competition 2010


In Sofia (Bulgaria) participation on the International Painting and Mixed Media Competition in Lessedra Gallery

Skopje (Macedonia) - World Gallery of Cartoons 2010


Participation on the 38th international World Gallery of Cartoon in Skopje (Macedonia)

Subotica - II. International Small Format Paintings Exhibition


In Open University Gallery  in Subotica, is opened the II. International  Small Format Paintings exhibition.

Third International Prints for Peace


Participation on the Third International Prints for peace, Mexico 2010,  in Monterrey

Cadaqués-30th Mini Print International of Cadaqués 2010


Participation on the 30th Mini Print International of Cadaqués 2010. Opening exhibition was in "Taller Galeria Fort "at  june 26th.Exhibition was presented in  "Wingfield Barns" in Wingfield (UK) from july 27th to august 19th, in "Fundació Tharrats d,Art Gráfic" in Pineda de Mar (Spain), from october 8th to november 7th, and in "Galerie L, Etangd, Art" in Bages (France) from november 7th to january 16th, 2011.

9th Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2010


Sofia (Bulgaria) - I participated with three prints in Lessedra gallery on the international 9th World Art Print Annual exhibition.

Kaposvár (Hungary) - 15.International Miniature Exhibition


Participation on the 15.International Miniature Exhibition in Kaposvár (Hungary)

Gallery Fenix Belgrad


Participation on the exhibition " The Album of the Mysterious Animals  " in the Gallery Fenix, Belgrad, in organization of the Group Amethyst.

Exhibition of International Contemporary Masters vol.III in Las Vegas


EXHIBITION OF “INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS Volume III” TO PREMIER IN LAS VEGAS April 17, 2010 - Las Vegas, NV - World Wide Art Books and the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts are presenting the second of three shows featuring the artists from the 2010 edition of the annual art publication, International Contemporary Masters. Like the book itself, the exhibition will join together and celebrate the work of groundbreaking artists from around the world, who are paving the way in innovation and technique. The show will run from April 17 through June 5. Artists from 24 Countries around the world are participating, including: Abdelkhalek Aghzout Morrocco Alkistis Welscher UK Andrea Guskin USA Angela Kyriakou CYPRUS Barbara Palka-Winek POLAND Catherine Jasek USA Cathy Holman USA Cheryl Tapp AUSTRALIA Chokri Ben Amor ISRAEL Cynthia Rogers USA Darcy Meeker USA David Newman USA David Schler USA Debbie Chan USA Desiree Cox USA Dimitra Koula GREECE Elinore Bucholtz USA Elisha Ben Yitzak USA Ella Prakash - BAHRAIN Evgeniy Kislitsin RUSSIA Firestone Robert USA Fukuko Harris USA Gavingo SANTO DOMINGO Gilberto Sossella ITALY Grady Zeeman S. AFRICA Gulten Imamoglu TURKEY Hanna Scheriau AUSTRIA Helen Baziotou GREECE Ilona Van Hoek USA Isabelle Faucher FRANCE Jack Cymber ISRAEL Jean Pierre Brustier FRANCE Jeffrey Gougeon S. KOREA John Trinh USA Joleen Grogan USA Jonny McCoy USA Julie Hill USA Katayoon Zandvakili USA Katia Gorokhova RUSSIA Kensuke Shimizu JAPAN Kevin Fitzke USA Leila Chalabi FRANCE Leon Oks USA Leong Lampo USA Lewis Allen USA Maria Tanaskovic USA Mary Ann Baker USA Maryika Welter AUSTRALIA Melissa Ann Lambert USA Michael Cran CANADA Mischa Brooks-Thoma CANADA Molnár Mirko SERBIA Monika Degan USA Nii Ahene-La USA Patricia Arnold USA Paul Ygartua CANADA Puzanova Olga RUSSIA Richard Bailey USA Sabina Timco SWITZERLAND Shunsuke Kawasaki JAPAN Silvana Ravena Lacreta USA Sissel Aurland NORWAY Sook Kim USA Stefan Raasch GERMANY Stephen Degan USA Susan Schiesser USA Tamara Agapova RUSSIA Tamara Tarasiewicz USA Therese Aasvik NORWAY Thomas Ulbors SWEDEN Wendy Persch USA Wim Zorn THE NETHERLANDS EVENT DETAILS: The exhibition starts April 17 and ends June 5, 2010 Curator: Despina Tunberg Address: Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts 450 Fremont St., Las Vegas NV 89101 Neonopolis Center Tel: 702 382 2926

OSTEN-World Gallery of Drawings- Skopje (Macedonia) December 10, 2009-January 10, 2010


Participation on the OSTEN international World Gallery of Drawing in Skopje.